Common Myths About Employment Agencies Refuted

Finding stable employment can be a difficult task in the modern economy, and this is especially true for those that may have been out of the workforce for a prolonged period of time. Luckily, people that are in this position may be able to find stable employment through job placement agencies, but there are many people that may not have used these services for finding a job. Therefore, they may be under the impression that these two misconceptions are true, but having them refuted will help you to better understand using this option to find work. 

Myth: Temporary Employment Agencies Can Never Provide Full-Time Work

Temporary employment agencies are among the more common job placement services, but there are many people that may not like the idea of being placed into a temporary job with little security. However, it is important to note that these services can often lead individuals to full-time employment.

This stems from the fact that many companies use these services as a cost-effective way of screening prospective job applicants. Often, the company will hire a worker from the agency for a set number of weeks, and at the end of this period, they may decide to hire the employee directly. 

Myth: It Is Difficult To Find Skilled Work Through Employment Agencies

Another assumption that people often hold about these agencies is that they only offer manual labor and other low-skill positions. While these jobs are often plentiful for these agencies, it is important to note that they also do professional recruitment and hiring for professionals and other skilled positions. 

When you are attempting to get a skilled job through these agencies, you will likely be required to prove that you have the abilities that you claim. This is done through various tests that can be administered to determine your knowledge in particular areas. For example, accountants may be required to take a test demonstrating a knowledge of accounting while a welder may be required to weld a small item to prove they are able to safely and competently perform this task. These exact nature of the test will depend on the particular agency, but they can usually provide you with an outline of the structure of the test that you will be taking. 

Using an employment agency to find a job has increasingly become a common way of finding a stable career. Yet, there are some people that may to understand the types of services these companies can provide. If you understand the realities behind the myths that there is no full-time or skill work through these providers, you may realize that this is an excellent option for your current situation. 

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